Norfolk & Good

S4. Norfolk Heritage Open Days (HODs)

August 25, 2023 Enjoying Norfolk plus Katie Ellis and Sam Joyce. Season 4 Episode 5
Norfolk & Good
S4. Norfolk Heritage Open Days (HODs)
Show Notes

Want to know more about the history on your doorstep here in Norwich and Norfolk? All for free? Enter Norfolk HODs...

Taking place over 8th - 17th September 2023, we delve a little deeper to discover what HODs is all about and what you can expect from this fantastic annual event, now entering its 29th year.

Listen as we discuss HODs with Katie Ellis, Event Producer of Heritage Open Days and Samantha Joyce, Assistant Producer of Heritage Open Days, both from The Forum Trust.

Expect around 40 minutes of relaxed, unrehearsed chat with Steph and Andrew of Enjoying Norfolk, plus an interview with Katie and Sam.

Visit the Norfolk Heritage Open Days website for more information about this event.

All details (pretty much) correct at time of recording.

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