Norfolk & Good

S4. Summer to Autumn

October 01, 2023 Enjoying Norfolk Season 4 Episode 6
Norfolk & Good
S4. Summer to Autumn
Show Notes

Autumn is officially here and with it a whole new season of things to discover, support and enjoy in Norfolk.

In this episode, we look back over a busy summer of enjoying Norfolk (ideas for next year and stuff to watch out for in the future!), and talk about events coming up that we're excited about, including, of course, Halloween.

October 2023 has a Friday 13th, a partial solar eclipse, a full blood moon partial lunar eclipse and Halloween, meaning it could be the weirdest month yet this year... Stand by Nor-witches!

Expect around 55 minutes of relaxed, unrehearsed chat with Steph and Andrew of Enjoying Norfolk.

All details (pretty much) correct at time of recording.

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