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Norfolk Wittles: Norfolk Farm Shops

January 26, 2021 Enjoying Norfolk Season 1 Episode 4
Norfolk & Good
Norfolk Wittles: Norfolk Farm Shops
Show Notes

Have you got a favourite Norfolk Farm Shop?

We're lucky enough to have an abundance of Farm Shops here in Norfolk. 
In our fourth episode of the season, we discuss Farms Shops we've visited, as well as the fabulous local produce that they stock.

We talk about our recent visit to the Yare Valley Farm Shop, and taste some goodies live.

If you can't enjoy the places that we mention right now (because they're closed or you can't travel to them), maybe make a note of them to experience later.

Just over half an hour of unrehearsed Norfolk-y chat with Steph and Andrew of Enjoying Norfolk.

All details (pretty much) correct at time of recording.

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