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Norfolk Coast: North Norfolk Part 1

March 19, 2021 Enjoying Norfolk Season 1 Episode 10
Norfolk & Good
Norfolk Coast: North Norfolk Part 1
Show Notes

Part 1 of 2

There's nowhere quite like North Norfolk...

Episode 10 is the last episode of Season One of our Norfolk & Good podcast, and we continue our 'virtual' coastal journey around from Trimingham to Thornham.

After recording this episode, we realised that there was so much to enjoy, that we've split it into two parts, for more convenient listening.

In this, Part One, we discuss the North Norfolk coast, from Trimingham to Cley.

Around 45 minutes of unrehearsed, lighthearted chat with Steph and Andrew of Enjoying Norfolk.

All details (pretty much) correct at time of recording.

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Want to watch the 'Most Haunted' episode filmed at Cromer Pier that we discuss in this episode?  It's available on Amazon Prime: Most Haunted: Season 12, Episode 16.

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