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Enjoying Norfolk Review of 2021

December 31, 2021 Enjoying Norfolk Season 3 Episode 7
Norfolk & Good
Enjoying Norfolk Review of 2021
Show Notes

What a year it has been! 32 episodes ago, we started this Norfolk & Good podcast back at the beginning of January 2021.

Almost as soon as it was recorded, we were plunged into another lockdown, and things didn't really start to open up until into the Summer.
Still... not ones to give up easily (we're from Norfolk after all), we continued to drop a weekly pod episode, speaking to some amazing Norfolk people about their businesses, lives, experiences and what they loved most about Norfolk.

In this final episode of 2021, we look back at our Enjoying Norfolk year, playing out with 'Roll The Old Chariot' by Nelson's Shantymen (shared with kind permission), from our most downloaded podcast episode of this year.

Around 50 minutes of unrehearsed, enthusiastic chat with Steph and Andrew of Enjoying Norfolk.

All details (pretty much) correct at time of recording.

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